Almost twenty-five years ago Custom Chenille Patches was
started in a small shop in Allen, Texas.  Two sewing machines a
chenille machine and a tile engraved monogram machine was all
of the equipment that was needed.   It was still a time before
computers CAD programs and incredibly complex sewing
machines did the work you, and it was skill, experience and
craftsmanship that made our designs beautiful.  Manufacturing
patches has evolved over the years and Custom Chenille
Patches has been at the fore front of the process and has
created our own recipe for beautiful patch designs.
CCP acquired one of the
very first microprocessor
controlled monogram
machines. Experience
with this machine has
proven invaluable in the
application of techniques
on todays more modern
and complex machines.  
Enabling us to create
designs quickly and more
evolved technology has given
design freedom to the point
where old world craftsmanship
can be reproduced using
computers and CAD programs.
high quality patches, twill
lettering, and much more.  Our
designs are custom to the needs
of the customer, making any
number of patches at a flat rate
price, no hidden fees for
lettering or amount purchased.  
We can handle patch orders,
hats and shirts for lettering,
lettering for uniforms, letter
jacket orders and complete with
patches script monogrammed
names and more.